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 Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines   Mon Jul 09, 2012 10:16 am

Want to join us?

We're always looking for new talents and are happy to recieve applications from exceptional players inspite of a miss-match between ages.
A trial runs over a week in which you will be tested and tried in public games and possibly private matches. If you manage to convince us of your qualifications before the trial period is out a vote will be cast.
We currently have 3 Divisions which we expect to fill sometime soon.

As a clan we continiuesly strife to be our best and we always encourage our members to do the same, be it taking part in clan projects, staff contributing or forum activity...
A united clan is a strong clan

Code of Conduct

As a clan we have a few regulations that we expect everybody to adhear to - regulations which is mainly centered around morality as well as the use of commen sense.
We prefer guidelines over actual rules as they tend to make interpretations too rigid. Guidelines allow everyone to be who they are without choking on paragraphs and fake pretendings.

In XpL, ranks don't really matter - they mainly represent the distribution of administrative roles. The only real difference is between Member, Mod and Leader is your responsabilities as part of the clan. If you wish to join XpL as a prospective player (what we call a clan member) we require you to submit an application. If accepted you will enter on a weeks trial where we will bring you along and give you the chance to blow us away Smile

We expect SOCIALS to:

Socials are players that have chosen to join XpL without any responsabilities, other then what they decide to carry. Socials can, if they wish - sign up as backups for matches, or they can spend every minute of every day in Public games just owning. These players typically don't have access to many forums.

To become a trial, and later a member - we ask that you leave an application on the site, so that we get a chance to hear of your previous experience aswell as your general past. It also gives us an idea of who you are and how well you communicate.

We expect all TRIALS to:

Behave and be nice when interacting with other players, in and outside the clan.
Excibit maturity - lock up your drama-king/queen and throw away the key! Don't go emo because someone laughs at you.
Know your place! We are all equals but team leaders, games masters and clan leaders have been promoted for a reason...
Don't be affraid to ask! It's better that you ask and learn something, then not asking at all... After all there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers!
Have a healthy sense of HUMOR! Nothing beats a good laugh Smile
Help the clan! Dedication... XpL needs to level - through clan ops. So the more people that play these operations the better!
Be ACTIVE on the forums! The website contains a lot of information that you will never see or recieve in game. We require all members and trials to utilize the forums.
Members are players that have passed the initial trial week and have been given a membership. These players must clear a standard K/D of at least 1.00. If you don't have a K/D of 1+, we will give you the chance to create another account. in which your K/D must remain over 1.
As a member any and all previous clan experience is a plus. It gives you a unique oppotunity to recognize patterns or behaviors from previous content, making you able to work as a back up for either teams when nessesary...

Members are players given permanent teamspots on the primary division's team.

We expect all Members to:

Prepare for battle! Set up your killstreaks to aid your team and have your mic turned on.
Be on TIME! Respect your fellow team mates by not wasting their time...
Know your tactics! If you are unsure of anything to do with callouts, map locations, just ask!
Voice Communication! When we play organised matches we will expect you to use your mic. However in public games it isn't mandatory.
Relieability! we expect our members to show 100% attendancy. Family get-togethers, unexpected events, accidents and more always can and will happen, so make sure to familiarize yourself with the contact list so you can get word out.
Dedication! Dedication to the clan and the team plays an important role to our succeess in Call of Duty and beyond. Show consideration and don't waste your team mates time!
Be ACTIVE on the forums! The website contains a lot of information that you will never see or recieve in game. We require all cores to utilize the forums.

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Rules and Guidelines
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